1st International Conference “Mining in Europe”: The Blue Mining Booth

In May 2016, the 1st International Conference “Mining in Europe” took place in Aachen, which attracted more than 300 participants from 28 countries. The conference’s agenda contained more than 90 expert contributions, covering a wide variety of current topics in mining as well as other related fields: A large number of speakers, among them representa-tives from universities, government authorities, the mining industry and consulting compa-nies put forward their latest findings relevant to the selected topics of Responsible Mining, Mining Technologies and Mineral Resources. Furthermore, 22 different exhibitors seized the opportunity to present their latest products and developments to an international audience.

AIMS2016 pict1

The Blue Mining Exhibition Booth

One of the most frequently visited and maybe the most popular exhibition booth was repre-sented by the Blue Mining project. The booth showed three posters with information on the different mineral deposits, the planned deep-sea mining system and details on the legal and environmental situation. Beside posters, a 3D-printed model of a futuristic Seafloor Mining Tool and real manganese nodules were exhibited. Furthermore, a three meter high water column, showing elements of the deep-sea mining system, has been installed for visualization of the project’s scale.

A Presentation on Marine Mining