At 0300 on 02.06.2016 we began long test on the Deep Sea Special Motor (DSSM) performance. Variables like coil temperature, orientation, power consumption and overall DSSM status are being monitored. Power was increased steadily and the DSSM’s environment was continuously observed with the ROV. As of 02.06.2016 2100, the DSSM had shown no indication of wear or instability and it has performed according to plan.

deployment 288x512 It is noteworthy that our crane operators task is to have one man available 24/7! This means that they have to shift every 12 hours with each other and sit in the small operation room for the whole period. The ROV pilots also have to keep an eye on the DSSM for intervals of up to 10 hours. The operation is demanding. The vessel holds easily its position.

sperre-rov 407x287

ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle

This long period has taught everybody in the team how to improve the operation of the DSSM. After long hours of testing and data recording, we brought the DSSM to the deck and a drone joined it to see this happen.

After thorough inspection of the DSSM, testing concluded and demobilization on board Olympic Taurus started. Everything that was welded to the deck was released and the working areal became cleaner and cleaner as time passed.

We came back to the city of Bergen on a sunny day with the satisfaction of having tested throughly the DSSM. We hope that future Blue Mining cruises get tangible results and we encourage the readers to stay tunned for our next operation that will happen in the middle of the Atlantic during July.