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Thesis of S.E. Volkmann: Planning the mining of Seafloor Manganese Modules

“Seafloor manganese nodules are potatolike mineral concretions that cover large parts of the deep-sea floor. They contain various elements, among them metals, that are used in today’s high- and green-tech... Read more

Final consortium meeting Blue Mining

Last week on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 January the Blue Mining consortium held his final consortium meeting. All partners worked hard, a couple had some stressfull moments during cuirses and demonstrations, but... Read more

Blue Mining Vertical Riser Demonstration

31 August 2017: Before entering deep sea mining operations many kilometers down on the seafloor, one needs to be sure about every detail. In Halsbrücke, near Freiberg, German and Dutch... Read more

Blue Mining Final workshop – 10 October 2017 – Register now!

Registration for The Blue Mining Final workshop: towards sustainable deep-sea mining is open now! We would like to invite you for this one day workshop on 10 October 2017 in the Melia... Read more

Blue Mining Final Workshop – 10 October 2017 – SAVE the DATE!!

The European FP7-funded Blue Mining project is developing “breakthrough solutions for sustainable deep sea mining” since 2014. Activities are ranging from actual cruises applying innovative exploration techniques to the demonstration... Read more

13 July 2017 – Opening – EXHIBITON Mar Mineral – Science and Riches on the Deep Seafloor

MAR MINERAL The exhibition Mar Mineral – Science and Riches on the Deep Seafloor, will have the inaugural opening on July 13, 2017, by 17:30 (five-thirty pm), in the Main Lobby... Read more

Marine Life Talk at NOC in Southampton

Every month the National Oceanography Centre – Natural environment research council, organises a ‘Life Talk’ for the general public of Southampton. This month the Blue Mining project will get the chance... Read more

Blue Mining article available: Production key figures for planning the mining of manganese nodules

Abstract: Under the impression of decreasing ore grades and increasing production costs in conventional mining, seafloor minerals came into focus. Having gained a basic understanding of geological settings, there is... Read more

Preparations for the Vertical Hydraulic Transport demonstrator at TU Bergakademie Freiberg running at full speed

Downscaling 6000 meters of riser length to ‘laboratory scale’ still leaves one with quite a large test setup. Such is the experience of the scientists and engineers from TU Bergakademie... Read more

Start of the Blue Mining cruise JC138 to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

On June 27th 2016, the research vessel RRS James Cook departed from the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, England to attempt one of its most ambitious expeditions in its ten year... Read more