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Blue Mining newsletter #3

The 3rd Blue Mining newsletter has been sent out! If you want to be updated on Blue Mining news, You didnt’t receive it?  Click the subscribe button on top of ... Read more

Testing equipment cruise has left the harbour !

As the project is processing, we have reached the testing phase! On Thursday 2 June the Multipurpose offshore vessel Olympic Taurus has left the harbour or Bergen with on board... Read more

1st International Conference “Mining in Europe”: The Blue Mining Booth

In May 2016, the 1st International Conference “Mining in Europe” took place in Aachen, which attracted more than 300 participants from 28 countries. The conference’s agenda contained more than 90... Read more

Start of Research Cruise M127 – 2016.05.25

Submarine massive sulfide deposits (SMS) are often seen as a possible future contribution to a secure metal supply for global human needs. Resource estimates, however, are lacking several of the... Read more

Blue Mining and Midas meet….

Aligning project development, technology and ecosystem needs in deep sea mining Blue Mining – MIDAS Workshop April 20th 2016 The seabed mining industry faces challenges in exploration, exploitation and environmental... Read more

PhD thesis Mr Jort van Wijk on vertical hydraulic transport for deep see mining

Deep thinking about vertical hydraulic transport for deep sea mining successfully finished IHC MTI researcher Jort van Wijk successfully defended his PhD thesis at Delft University of Technology on February... Read more

European Consortium launches Blue Nodules project

On 1 February a European consortium launched a new Horizon 2020 project: Blue Nodules. This project addresses the challenge of creating a viable and sustainable value chain to retrieve polymetallic... Read more

Blue Mining newsletter #2

The second Blue Mining  newsletter is there! Please click the picture to see the complete version

Wear & Tear tests

Wear & Tear tests on potential liner materials for the Vertical Transport System Blue Mining focuses on developing breakthrough solutions for a Vertical Transport System. This implies developing the ability... Read more

The building and testing of the electric motor for the booster station

One task of the project is to develop, build and use the test facilities for testing of the relevant Vertical Transport System. The most critical sub system is the booster... Read more