SEA Europe

SEA Europe, the European Ships and Maritime Equipment Association is the voice of the European maritime technology industry. SEA Europe promotes and supports European business enterprises which are involved in the building, construction, maintenance and repair of all types of ships and other relevant maritime structures, including the complete supply chain of systems, equipment and services

SEA Europe provides practical and cost efficient services, aiming at:

  • Defending the interests of the European shipbuilding industry in terms of safeguarding its knowledge assets and IPRs;
  • Raising awareness and promoting respect for the economic and legal interests of European shipbuilding innovations;
  • Addressing and studying issues directly linked with the shipbuilding-specific knowledge leakage problem;
  • Cooperating with the international anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting effort in the area of enforcement and providing technical assistance;
  • Making submissions to, or appearing before, any national or international entity on behalf of the European shipbuilding industry on any IPR related issues.

Country: Belgium

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