PhD thesis Mr Jort van Wijk on vertical hydraulic transport for deep see mining

Deep thinking about vertical hydraulic transport for deep sea mining successfully finished

IHC MTI researcher Jort van Wijk successfully defended his PhD thesis at Delft University of Technology on February eighth.
His work, titled “Vertical Hydraulic Transport for Deep Sea Mining – a study into flow assurance”, elaborates on the vertical hydraulic transport process of ore from the seafloor to the sea surface. The vertical transport system will be a key component in prospective deep sea mining activities, and Van Wijk investigated whether a long riser with centrifugal pump booster stations can get blocked during operation.
The knowledge gained during the research project is implemented in IHC’s suite of design codes. Furthermore an additional model has been made with which dynamic simulations of the slurry transport process can be performed.

The research project has been funded by Royal IHC and the EU Blue Mining project.

Want to know more? Have a look at the presentation of Jort van Wijk during the Blue Mining General Assembly, which is also to be found under the Blue Mining results of this website.

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