Thesis of S.E. Volkmann: Planning the mining of Seafloor Manganese Modules

“Seafloor manganese nodules are potatolike mineral concretions that cover large parts of the deep-sea floor. They contain various elements, among them metals, that are used in today’s high- and green-tech applications. However, there is currently a lack of knowledge in how to plan and execute deep-sea mining projects in a sustainable manner. The main objective of this dissertation is to provide mining engineers with the knowledge required for “planning the mining of seafloor manganese nodules.” This includes the development of appropriate mining-engineering and knowledge-based solutions to technically and economically assess such projects and deposits, the definition of requirements, and the validation of assumptions for spatial mine planning. The dissertation comprises three techno-economic studies, which are based on a specific case study of the European research project Blue Mining, with focus on the German license area E1, Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone, Pacific Ocean. The Blue Mining of Marine Mineral Resources for the Benefit of Mankind will be one of our future challenges.”
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